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Recent Events

  • Bhittibhumi in close collaboration with Desi Bihan Surakhya Manch (DBSM) and Odisha Rajya Mahila Chasi Sangathan is organising a 2 -day training programme on the roles and rights of women in Agriculture; on Patriarchy; on the balance between power relationship between Men and Women from the 28th of March till the 30th of March. The venue will be Pantha Nivas, Sambalpur. Representatives -both men and women are invited to join in as trainees and if anyone is interested to make any presentation etc then in the evening hours special sessions can be organised. Movies on gender will be part of the pre-Dinner session in all the 3 days.
  • Dear Friends, Patrons and Well Wishers, As the year 2016 is coming to an calendar-year end the Bhittibhumi team conveys its heartfelt gratitude to you all for the support and encouragement. The year 2016 had been quite eventful for all of us. During this year we could reach out to more rural and especially Tribal Children to continue with their schooling; broadening their world outlook and motivate them to be the front-runners in this competitive world. This we could achieve by organizing various educational events, inviting eminent personalities of he area to give motivational talks and engaging with the school management to provide free coaching on week-ends. We would make more endeavours, in the coming years, to make this mission a success for the children of our operational area. On the farmers and farming front, there has been our consistent effort to make farmers' happy, leading a comfortable and dignified life without falling prey to the Corporates' or compromising on the ecological aspects. We have brought back many indigenous paddy varieties back in to the cultivation system so that farmers' sovereignty on seeds is maintained, promoted methods and techniques of Organic farming to make our environment sustainable. We have made attempts to re-establish some of the traditional vegetable and pulses cultivation so as to make our food safe and nutritious. In the process we have created a cadre of bare foot agri-extension workers wo provide training and hand-holding support to the farmers. In addition, we along with other members of Desi Bihan Surakshya Manch were successful in organising a Odisha level seed savers convention bringing seed savers from 8 districts and show-casing their numerous indigenous seed varieties. In line with the UN declaration of making 2016 the Year of Pulses we organised a sub-national level workshop cum exhibition on Pulses. Farmers from Eastern Indian States brought their traditional pulse varieties and displayed for the knowledge building of the non-farmers. Our work on Tribals and implementation of FRA has been sketchy due to paucity of time and human resources though it is one of the very important issue abounding the tribals of our operational districts. We acknowledge our weakness and are committed to resolve the organisational issues in addressing this critical issues in the coming year. Over the last few years we have realised that as an organisation we can do very little. Our efforts of making the society more equitable and humane requires the support of our co-travelers and the small little models that we have established has to be up-scaled by the government. As we say good-bye to 2016 and look forward to a more worthy 2017 we seek your active support as it has always been in the past. Thanks Bhittibhumi Team
  • A 2 day convention of Seed Savers of Odisha is taking place at District Circuit House Sambalpur on the 5th and 6th of December, 2016. This is co-hosted by Bhittibhumi and Desi Bihan Surakshya Manch (DBSM). More updates, NEWS Clippings and pictures will be available on our NEWS Section.
  • Bhittibhumi in collaboration with various government schools is organizing Career Counselling for Girl students. The dates and venue are as follows: 24-11-2016 - Government Girls High School, Kuchinda 25-11-2016 - Government Girls High School, Mahulpali under Bamra Block 26-11-2016 - Panchayat High School, Bhatpura under Kuchinda.
  • Dear friends and members of Bharat Beej Swaraj Mancha and ASHA, Bhittibhumi and Deshi Bihan Surakshya Mancha is going to organize a National workshop-cum Mela on Pulses on 17-18 Dec 2016 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. This is being observed as part of the 2016 being the international year of pulses. WHile we are organising this locally in Odisha such events are organised across the nation. We invite all of you to this occasion and make it a success. With regards Saroj DBSM, Odisha, Contact: 8895157066.. .

Welcome to Bhittibhumi Seva Sanghtan

Bhittibhumi  Seva Sanghtan is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation . It was founded in 2001 by a few local social activists of Kuchinda sub-division of Sambalpur district. It started working with the tribals of the sub-division since 1999 but the idea to get it formally registered was motivated by a few academicians, lawyers and a few socialist leaders. It was registered under the foreign contribution registration Act in 2009. Overtime Bhittibhumi has expanded its work to many parts of Western Odisha either directly or through collaborations.
Bhittibhumi means infrastructure. The people involved with it, right from the beginning, were involved in fighting caste based discrimination; women atrocities, superstition, supporting couples who had inter-caste marriages. As they moved ahead they got involved in fighting other discriminatory and exploitative practices such and migrant labour, landless farmers, wage earners and small & marginal farmers. They were aware that the structure of the society and its economy is so designed that it will keep a majority section of the people unprivileged while making a few the most advantaged. They thought of changing the system by rebuilding the social, economic and political foundation of the region.

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To work with small and marginal farmers, tribals, Dalits, and other marginalised communities like the unorganised sector workers, especially with a focus on women, to ensure equity, fraternity, and sovereignty in the social, economic and political domain of the region and the state. To this end Bhittibhumi will make all endeavours for rural rejuvenation where youth are sensitised on all present and future issues and play a major role in shaping the policies through constitutional means.

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Located in a small subdivision called Kuchinda bhittibhumi is squeezed one side by the Hirakud Dam and on the other side by the industrial development on North Western Odisha. Kuchinda is neglected because of the tampered by the high per ca-pita income of the surrounding areas. However it has made its presence felt across the state and at the national level by associating with many partners and networks.

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